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For over 55 years helping to prevent hair loss.​



Strengthening strands and hair vitality.

Prevent hair loss

Helps reduce hair loss and new growth.​

No Chemistry

No chemical products, just cut your hair according to the schedule.


About us

The Pilomax System, a company located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil, emerged in 1968 with the aim of preventing hair loss. Rio Grande do Sul is a region where agriculture, livestock farming and wood extraction are of great importance in its economy. Given this, a group of local residents concerned about the influence of the Moon, developed a study related to people’s hair loss and the lunar phases in which they were born, thus concluding which days are suitable for cutting their hair.

This is how the Pilomax System was born, which today extends to thousands of users around the world. Its slogan contains optimism and the certainty that “Pilomax is hair for all your life”.

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Pilomax is hair for all your life!

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