Partner Program

Hairdresser offer our calendar to your client.

We decided to give the owners and professionals of Barber, Hairdressing and Beauty Salons the opportunity to participate, effectively, in the expansionary phase of our company.

These perspectives that we are opening have the following advantages, from a strictly commercial point of view:

  • No need for stock or special knowledge;
  • Customer frequency guarantee;
  • Another service that the salon offers to customers, periodically notifying them of haircut days that are pre-determined in the calendar;
  • Greater production capacity of your company due to better distribution of your customers, which will arise as a result of the cutoff dates throughout the month;
  • Increase in customers, as a result of comments and recommendations. (See comments on our website)

You dont pay nothing to participate in our program.

Pilomax is hair for all your life!

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